a managed service provider with fixed- fee monthly plans

halcyon networks is a managed service provider offers network management services for a flat monthly feeYou brush your teeth to avoid cavities; you use sunblock to avoid that nasty burn - so why not keep an eye on your network before you're down for the day or lose critical data? The traditional break-fix model of on-call IT support is a less-than-ideal model - you wait until something goes wrong to address problems. Managed IT service plans change that by allowing us to perform regular routine maintenance on your network and substantially reduce the chance of a significant network failure; it's like having your own IT department.

"an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Network down time isn't just measured in the cost of an IT service vendor fixing the problem - it's also the lost productivity of your staff. That little bit of car maintenance every 3000 miles is better than ending up on the side of the road waiting to be towed, and then waiting to have your car fixed. Continue reading to see the benefits of a managed network service plan. (In case it's bugging you, that's a Ben Franklin quote)

get your arms around your IT expense with a fixed monthly fee

The break-fix model of on-call IT support leads to unpredictable costs - since you're only reacting to problems, you don't know the frequency or magnitude of the next problem to strike, and thus, the costs involved. Not only does a managed network service plan greatly reduce your chances of significant down-time for a fixed monthly cost, it can also give you fair warning of an upcoming expense (such as the need to upgrade your storage if you're running out of space).

small businesses can have an IT department too

Large companies have network engineers who are constantly monitoring network hardware, software and services to make sure the network runs smoothly - they are not hired to wait until disaster strikes - they're hired to make things run smoothly by fixing things before they break as much as possible. If you're business isn't large enough to require a full-time IT staff, you shouldn't have to sacrifice the benefits of preventative maintenance. A managed service plan makes this affordable. A managed service plan scales down the cost of a full-time IT department to something affordable for a small business. The benefits without the cost.

buy one, get many free

Another great benefit of a managed service plan is that you're not just hiring a single part-time person with specific skills - you get access to multiple engineers in our company with varying skill-sets. Not to worry, this doesn't mean you're going to see a different face each week - but you will have access to a variety of professional skills that would be hard to find in a single person.

no repeat charges

As already stated, a managed network service plan is billed per a flat monthly fee. If something that has been addressed starts acting up and needs to be revisited, there's no additional charge to you. Further, multiple trips for the same issue end up costing us money, not you. Fixing things right the first time is in everyone's interest.

The benefits of a managed network service plan are clear and it's obvious why this is our most popular service.

managed IT services - benefits at a glance:

  • flat monthly fee - no varying month-to-month costs
  • proactive - not reactive
  • remote monitoring of your servers
  • substantial reduction of the chance of a serious IT failure
  • like having a part-time IT department, rather than an emergency response team
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