website design and search engine optimization

web design, landing pages and search engine optimizationYour website is a crucial part of your business - in many cases it's your first impression on a potential customer.

web designs that aren't hard to look at

Building a website is truly like starting with a lump of clay - you need to first start with something rough and start refining it from there. Some customers know exactly what they want (colors, layout, overall feel, etc.) - others provide us simply with the text and ask us to come up with a creative design. Either way, we'll work you to get a design that's exactly what you want.

but why waste time making it look nice if no one can find it?

If you don't know too much about web design, it would be very easy for a vendor to put together a decent looking website without any real search engine optimization at all. For example, one could build an HTML-only site, leaving the alt-tags empty, not using the right tags in the right way, and being heavy on the HTML coding, which is not as searchable as a site with streamlined code. Consequently, you could have a site that looks really nice and simultaneously is on the wrong end of the SEO spectrum. We guarantee that all of our sites will always include search optimization and not leave any behind-the-scenes holes that our customers can't see. We can also help with keyword analysis, to make sure your really reaching your target audience.

what about a landing page?

A landing page is a summary page (similar to a brochure) that serves a few different functions. Since your website contains a lot of important information, but not information that any one visitor will likely read in its entirety, your landing page sums up only the most important facts about your business. It should also do this in keyword-rich text that is written for humans to read (i.e., not keyword rich such that it's unreadable). Thus, someone searching on your product or service will see your site listed in the search engine results, click on the link and "land" on your landing page. From there your goal is to get them (via your poignant, engaging summarized content) to enter your main site. Lastly (and on a slightly separate note) your landing page can serve as a key part of an online marketing campaign, such as a Google AdWords campaign. Sure we could go on and on, but hopefully you get the idea of what a landing page does and how it can be used.

website considerations:

  • search engine optimization
  • color schemes
  • keywords
  • layout
  • graphics
  • consistency with other marketing materials (business cards, brochures, etc.)
  • animation
  • e-commerce
  • web forms
  • security
  • landing page
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